Education Grants For Women

1. AAUW Educational FoundationGrants For Women

The AAUW Educational Foundation is one of the nation’s largest sources of private funding for educational programs that directly benefit women and girls. The Foundation funds: groundbreaking research; fellowships and grants for outstanding women from around the globe; special awards; and vital community action projects.  Read More…

2. Arcus Foundation

Provides grants through several funds, to include the Arcus Fund, Gay & Lesbian Fund, Great Apes Fund, and the National Fund. Read More…

3. The Liz Claiborne Foundation

The Liz Claiborne Foundation provides most of its financial and technical assistance to nonprofit groups that address issues of particular concern to women. Key focus areas for the Liz Claiborne Foundation’s grants are women’s economic self-sufficiency, family violence, and positive development programming for girls. Geographical areas of interest include the five boroughs of New York City; Hudson County, New Jersey; Los Angeles County, California; Butler County, Ohio; Monroe County, Pennsylvania; and Massachusetts’ North Shore. In addition, a small portion of our grants are awarded to major cultural institutions in the New York City area, to national organizations addressing critical issues for women and girls, and to nongovernmental organizations in selected Liz Claiborne operating communities abroad. Read More..

Education Grant Application & Securing Specialists

Grant Writers & Specialists

Grant Writers & Specialists

Grant Securing Specialists assist members to source untapped grants from a wide variety of sources. Some of these sources are researched and found in local states and not posted over the internet. Applying for “common knowledge grants” will often have greater competition. Grant securing specialists search for “not-well-publicized” grants and demonstrate the best way to successfully apply for these grants in writing.  This can potentially increase the chances of you receiving the grants you want. Read More >>>