Gov Grant Study Reviews 2009

Government Grant Reviews 2009



Have you applied for your free grant money yet?

We've done the necessary research and confirm there is free grant money available for citizens in the US and European Union, including United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada.

These are called government grants.

There is no reason why you should wait to apply because its free. The more you apply, it increases your chances of receiving a grant, which there is no need to pay back.

Grants can be used for anything in any industry or personal usage.

During our searches, we have found that grants can be used for any of the following:

o Home business entrepreneurs who want to start a new business
o Used to pay employees salaries and keep them employed
o College and varsity tuitions, get a grant to pay off your tuition loan
o Have a house rent or mortgage to pay, apply for a living grant
o Pay for car loan or car rental
o If you have credit card debt, grants can be used to pay it off.
o For those with medical bills, grants can ease that burden
o Any other personal living bills such as grocery, gas, phone bills.


  • Be a citizen or legal resident from the country issuing the grant .

  • Credit checks not required.

  • No questions about your financial history and no catch.

  • Just need to make an effort to apply.

Grant application is free and easy, however only 14% of available grants are applied and the rest go back to the government. You can apply for as many grants as you'd like, there's no limit to what you can receive.

Grant Programs
Grant application is 100% free. There are however programs that assist individuals or corporations to find and apply a suitable grant for a fee.

The cost can be anywhere from $30 to $180.  If you prefer to do it yourself and save the money, then you can apply for a grant by using the exact same software at no cost. researches and reviews free grant application softwares and list our top grant softwares below.

The average search takes about 2 minutes and provide grants from $50,000 to over $1,000,000.

We often receive emails asking how to find these free government grants. We are simply a site that uses grants and do not provide the grants, We list the programs found to be completely free and will help you get the Government Grants required for your situations.

Apply for your FREE Government Grants from these places:

Government Grant Foundation (AU, CA, NZ, UK, US)

Our favorite program across the board and the only one to receive five well earned stars. Government Grant Foundation provided comprehensive search results and included all available federal, state and local government grants. It reveals sources of grants from AU, CA, NZ, UK and US and how to best approach the various grant sources for large interest free grants.

All this is covered in their Grant Solutions Kit  ($2.95 to ship)

Request your free copy of Government Grant Foundation

Here's a sample list of the grants covered in Government Grant Foundation. There is no need to pay back the grant money after receiving it.

United Kingdom Canada USA

research feasibility grants
grants for pensioners
college scholarships and grants
government grants for ex convicts
self employed tool grants
travel grants student
grants for home improvements
housing grants
grants for new born babys
grants for disabled gardening
job center grants
student grants in cheshire
grants in east london
flood prevention grants
grants to liverpool organisations
home owner grants
students grants
hairdressing grants
grants for businesses
grants for children
course grants
mature student grants
uk government grants for solar panels
government training grants uk
south lanarkshire council grants
nottingham grants
childrens grants
hardship grants government
blackpool council grants
current grants for heating systems
hounslow council pensioners grants
grants for added washrooms
grants and funding for courses in the uk
student grants england
government grants
grants for cars
creative grants uk
grants for solar hot water

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grants for low income families
grants for paying off credit card debt
grants for groceries
grants for education and self improvement
1st time home buyers grants in canada
government housing grant
grants first time home buyers
grants to buy real estate in canada
grants from new brunswick
graduate grants
canadian government grants
manitoba hydro grants
farm grants
sask farm grants
canadian home repair grants
bed breakfast grants
canadian government grants for homeowners
family federal grants for home purchase in ontario
canadian home improvement grants
odsp self employment grants
manitoba water grants
housing grants in alberta
government grants for centry home renovations in ontario
nova scotia senior grants
grants for making houses into apartments
music grants east midlands

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New Zealand

grants for church projects
grants for paying off credit card debt
home insulation grants
grants for warming houses
isv grants new zealand
insulation grants
maori grants
rotoiti trust grants
heat pump grants nz
cctv grants
taiaroa study/education grants
nz government grants
business start up grants
hauraki grants
heating grants
ecca grants
energy wise grants
home grants for disabled people

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housing grant
car grant
hospital bill grants
illness grants
pregnancy grants
grants for paying off credit card debt
veteran grants
scholarship grants
grants for first time home owners
grants for buying a car
unclaimed money as grants
home improvement grants
grants to buy tools
regeneration grants
short course grants
solar grants
business start up grants
college grants
retraining grants
grants for home improvements
empty property grants
solar power grants
oap grants
grants for old people
further education grants
educational grants for women
home improvement grants
grants for women

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apprentice grants
grants for paying off credit card debt
housing grants for 1st time home owners
grant to buy a car
self improvement grants
grants for maths degrees
student loans
general training grants
grants for individuals in need
grants for ex-service personnel
new business grants
home improvement grants
home grants for disabled
academic grants
housing grants
free start up business grants
foundation degree grants
music grants
grants for deaf people
grants to build a nursing home

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Gov Grant Foundation includes free software, easy to fill templates (just add your name and mailing address for the check). Your grant application is complete and ready to print within minutes.

Submit as many as you can and apply for as many that suit your current need.

Expect excellent responsive Customer Support, and a listing of frequently updated grants.

You can't go wrong with this grant approval network, and the fact that it's free only makes us love it more.
Request your free copy of Government Grant Foundation

Grant Secrets Club (US)

This program has a fair range of offerings, though the listings are not as complete or up-to-date as we would have liked to see.

Not bad for being free, but there's room for improvement. Some of our favorite features like application writing software weren't there, so expect to find and fill things out on your own. We knocked off a star because it's not quite up to standard and does not cover citizens from United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
Request your free copy of Grant Secrets Club

Government Grant Solutions (US)

Definitely the smallest selection of grant offerings, but still a free program. Grants Now only gets 3 stars, it can't hold up next to other free programs.
Request your free copy of Government Grant Solutions

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